Becoming a professional planner goes through a lot of hoops. Depending on where you want to get the certification, a professional planner in Canada is regulated. Getting certified should be done through a provincial institution.

There are five steps to becoming a Registered Professional Planner. This steps should be completed before getting the certification.


You must be a candidate member of PTIA or Provincial or Territorial Institute or Association and then apply for PSB or Professional Standard Board. The association is responsible for reviewing the application and the certification. Once you become eligible, you will be contacted and will invite you to apply for the institute.


You will receive a 1-year mentorship where you experience professional development and growth while targeting your different competencies.

Work Experience

All your work experience will be recorded by a sponsor. All records will be validated by the sponsor, which indicate how you are working professionally.

Professionalism Course

The course has 8 modules and must be completed within 6 months. Once completed, there will be a test that consists of multiple-choice, true/false questions, and fill in the blanks.

Professional Exam

The final step is a formal examination with multiple choice. The passing rate is 80%, and it only happens once in Spring and once in Fall.