There are tons of ways custom t-shirts can be used for. They can be used to send a message, shed light on an issue, raise awareness, celebrate, or simply unite people. Oftentimes, events use custom t-shirts. So, to give you a clearer idea, here are some events where custom t-shirts are kind of a must.


The most common event where custom t-shirts are used is probably fundraisers. Here, t-shirts can be used in various ways. You can have custom t-shirts for people to wear to show unity for one cause. It can also be used to raise funds by selling different custom t-shirts. Organizers can also use them as giveaways to show appreciation to everyone who showed up and participated in the event.

Class Reunions

In class reunions, custom t-shirts are sometimes used as attire for people attending. It has a double purpose here as aside from attire, it can also serve as a souvenir. Most classes opt to have these printed with their class year, school name and logo, and sometimes, the name of the individual.

Corporate Events/Outings

Event organizers can have the company logo printed on these custom t-shirts. Just because it’s a corporate event, it doesn’t mean that the company cannot use custom t-shirts for everybody to wear especially if it’s not a formal event, and the goal is for everybody to socialize and get to know one another more.

Field Trips

It’s a very good idea to use custom t-shirts on field trips. With so many kids going outside of the school premises and having only a certain number of adults to watch over them, these t-shirts can be used to account and track down kids more easily.

Family Reunions

A family reunion is one of the most exciting family events in a year. This is when busy family members take the time to see their family, bond with them once again, and catch up. Wearing custom-made t-shirts only makes this event even more exciting.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations can also serve as a family reunion, only with friends. Although wearing custom t-shirts in this event isn’t as common as wearing them in fundraisers, it’s still a good idea. Everything and anything about the birthday celebrator can be printed on these t-shirts to celebrate one’s birth more.

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

One fun idea in holding bachelor and bachelorette parties is to have everybody wear the same shirt that says something about the bachelor or the bachelorette. It can serve as a nice reminder for the soon-to-be newlyweds of how fun their respective parties went.

Group Travels

When traveling in groups, people can sometimes be seen wearing the same t-shirts. Just like in field trips, it’s a good way to keep track of the people who joined the group travel. Another advantage of these custom t-shirts is that it can serve as a walking advertisement for whichever agency organized the group travel.

Sports Events

In sports events, t-shirts are often used to show which team one belongs to. That’s why in this kind of event, t-shirts usually come in different colors with different designs or logos.


Another common event where custom t-shirts are used is campaigns. This is where people wear one kind of custom t-shirt to show their support to whom or what they’re campaigning for.


So, if you’re planning your next event now, try to use custom t-shirts for whatever purpose you may deem fit. These shirts may not seem much, but they can unite people and make them feel more involved in the event being held.

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