Galas, Benefits, and Fundraisers

When you have a mission to bring in money to your organization and help sick children, children in conflict with the law, orphans or provide children a chance to study and yet you don’t have the resources, time, energy, and idea on how to plan an event, then partnering with us is the answer you seek.

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Galas, Benefits, and Fundraisers

Association Management

Many factors make an association out of focus. Clogged schedule, piled up paper works, too much stress, less productivity, and beating deadlines of the clients are some of the reasons why, sometimes, an important event will get missed or even cancelled. Our team is dedicated to meet your demands.

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Association Management

Conferences and Meetings

If you need someone who can help in planning an event such as charity, business meetings, annual client conference, fund-raising campaign, environmental conservatory, community services, seminars, website design, and cultural heritage conference, partnering with us would make your event meaningful and successful.

Conferences and Meetings

Recent Events

Blog Cannabis Is Available

Is Your Event Liable When Cannabis Is Available?

Legalizing cannabis in both the US and Canada has created plenty of business opportunities, particularly in events. However, there are still some issues you need to look into before deciding to incorporate them into any events.
One of the popular cannabis products is CBD oils. There’s even evidence to suggest that the popularity of CBD oil in Canada is due to its health benefits such as easing anxiety and insomnia.
However, cannabis is still highly regulated in both Canada and the US. Nevertheless, CBD and …

Blog Custom T-Shirts Are a Must

Exciting Events Where Custom T-Shirts Are a Must

There are tons of ways custom t-shirts can be used for. They can be used to send a message, shed light on an issue, raise awareness, celebrate, or simply unite people. Oftentimes, events use custom t-shirts. So, to give you a clearer idea, here are some events where custom t-shirts are kind of a must.
The most common event where custom t-shirts are used is probably fundraisers. Here, t-shirts can be used in various ways. You can have custom t-shirts for people to wear to show unity for one cause. It can also be used to raise funds by selling different custom t-shirts. …


Increase Your Event Guests with These Simple Tricks

Your conference wouldn’t be successful without having enough number of guest. It is by far the key factor in executing a large conference. This will also be the basis of your budget and, at the same time, if how your event will turn out. There are many ways to attract guest, and these simple yet effective tricks will help you make the event profitable and star-studded.
Prepare the Agenda
The agenda should not overwhelm the guest. Some events tackle unnecessary agenda. Initiating at least one theme for the agenda and making it purposeful for the guests is enough. Always make sure to check if your guest is …


Your Guide For a Successful Conference

The word itself is easy to say, but to organize such a crowd requires a lot of effort and energy. Whether it is something small or big, drawing a crowd for a conference needs a step-by-step guide to make it successful.
With or without skills, anyone can organize a conference. But at the end of the day, you’ll end up losing your mind thinking of what to do without a guide to follow. Here are the important steps for a successful conference.
Be a Visionary
It does not take time to visualize a craft or idea, but to realize it posits a challenge. There are basics in organizing a conference. It is very …


Market Your Conference with Less Spending

Before the surge of the internet, marketing your conference requires a lot of expenditure such as the printing of invitations and cards. The Internet has become the newest platform to market almost everything. However, choosing the right place to market your conference in the world of the Internet is a bit challenging. So, here are some tips that you can follow to make it easier for you.
Social Media Resources
There are many websites where you can post your conference. The most basic thing to do is to check your in-house resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs. Make sure your followers can…


Budget Planning Before Starting an Event

It is always best to make a plan before starting an event. Even those with sponsors must have the reason to make a necessary budget in order not to get in trouble when the event happens. Most of the time, the budget is the source of the problem. Without proper planning, it’s not just you who will get in trouble but also the guests.
Map Out the Expenses
Make sure to make a budget plan for the event to avoid spending on unnecessary means. A single mistake can bring a ripple effect. Venue and food preparation are the ones that source out bigger spending. Choosing the right venue and catering must be planned …

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