Youth Forum

Greetings LoCo Youth Forum Friends,

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The Youth Forum Planning Team is putting together an amazing event for the April 12-15 Youth Forum weekend. If you are a high-school aged youth; if you love to be inspired, challenged to think, meet new people and hang out with good friends; if you enjoy being in an open and welcoming community where you are free to be completely yourself then this is an event for you.

Youth Forum 2018 Theme: Just Bloom
Thursday, April 12 - Sunday, April 15
Pearce-Williams Christian Centre
With Guest Speaker: Pam Rocker
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Have questions? Please email Betsy Exley or call her at 519-672-1930 ext. 104. We can't wait to see you at Youth Forum!

God Bless & Keep Smiling,

Voluntary Three-Tier Pricing System for Youth Forum:

London Conference has had a long history of providing affordable Faith Formation programs for children, youth and young adults (so that program costs do not determine who can participate). Financial support from London Conference has kept fees down despite rising program costs. This is reflected in past budgets as we have subsidized a higher percentage of the program cost each year.

Knowing that families have different financial realities, we offer a Voluntary Three-Tier Pricing System. Participants can choose the tier that is most suitable for their family. The Voluntary Three-Tier Pricing System allows us to continue to offer the same low fees for programs, while acknowledging the true cost of programs. The greater number of families that are able to contribute to Tiers II and III the more we are able to offer financial assistance to those who choose Tier I.

Families can choose from:

  • Tier I: $135 - our historically subsidized rate
  • Tier II: $155 - our partially subsidized rate for those who can pay a little more
  • Tier III: $175 - the rate that most closely accounts for the actual cost of the program

Please Note: The Voluntary Three-Tier Pricing System is completely voluntary and confidential. This program is an opportunity for families to take an active role in supporting the true costs of London Conference Ministries.

For financial assistance information please contact your home church or your Presbytery Secretary. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Betsy Exley at 519-672-1930 ext. 104 or by email at

Why Do You Come To Youth Forum?

Click on a name to view responses from youth who have attended Youth Forum sharing what Youth Forum means to them:

  • Alex, "when I look back on my life, this right here will be the turning point."
  • Allison, "It's this one place where you feel accepted by everyone."
  • Scott, "you feel the presence of God."
  • John, "a fixture on my calendar."
  • Allison., "You don't need to hide who you are here."
  • Thomas, "a fun and exciting place."
  • Rachel, "Youth Forum really grounds me."
  • Emma, "everyone here is a big family."
  • Cassie, "you can share your beliefs openly."
  • Allison ., "just something about that place . . ."

Well? What is Youth Forum to you?