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Rural Life: A Sacred Trust, Bill C-18

Seeds Are a Sacred Trust, Says the United Church
Toronto: As Bill C-18, the Agricultural Growth Act, makes its way through Parliament, The United Church of Canada is raising the concern that this legislation would concentrate power over food-in particular, seeds-in ever fewer hands. This would increase farmers' costs, reduce farmers' autonomy, and threaten Canada's food sovereignty.

Of particular concern, this omnibus bill would amend, all at once, nine separate pieces of agricultural legislation, one of which is the Seeds Act. Proposed amendments to this act could give multinational seed companies greater control over Canada's food system.

Conflict Resolution Facilitators

Conflict is a normal part of life and can be a key element in personal and social development. But, too often conflict is not addressed constructively. It is either ignored or indulged via self-serving ways. It is not easy to put our faith at the centre of conflict so that it informs how we deal with it and enter into it to seek God’s wisdom. Sometimes individuals and faith communities need help resolving conflict. That is when the services of a Conflict Resolution Facilitator may be a wise and/or necessary investment.

Stewardship Development & Resources

Christians are called to participate in God's mission - the mission reflected in Jesus' life and ministry. We do that as stewards in every decision about how we (as individuals and in faith communities) use all that God gives us - time, abilities, material resources, relationships - in a lifestyle of discipleship. Explore these resources found on

The Philanthropy Unit launched its online Stewardship Toolkit at There are resources for the four pillars of our stewardship: Congregational Stewardship, Mission and Service, Legacy Giving and Whole Life Stewardship. This is a large file cabinet of Stewardsip resources developed for and by congregational and community leaders of The United Church of Canada. It is there for you to use and we welcome your contributions.

Download the Annual Plan that gives monthly suggestions for keeping up support of Mission and Service all year long for Conferences, Presbyteries and Pastoral Charges.

Click on M&S Covenant Form to fill out your Congregation's goal using the United Church online form. Send an email to the Philanthropy Unit if you have questions.

Click here for M&S Fund in Worship resources.

The popular Mission and Service resource, Minutes for Mission are designed for reading during Sunday worship. The attractive booklet can be ordered from UCRD, but the text of the Minutes is available for download here in RTF or PDF for use in bulletins.

Especially for Congregation Treasurers

Here are a few webinars that are available on the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) video gallery that may be useful to your work:

United Church Property 101

Below are three scenarios involving United Church property. Under each are the requirements as set out by the Manual along with recommended guidelines for Presbytery consideration. Two key requirements apply in ALL sales of real property:

  1. The Presbytery is the court with the authority for the disposition of real property. Presbyteries usually try to honour a congregation’s wishes but it is the Presbytery and not the congregation who has the authority to make the decision.
  2. 2% of the proceeds from the sale of any real property (after the cost of legal and real estate fees only) is directed to the London Conference Archives Capital Fund.

Now for a few quick facts. What happens when . . . ?

More questions…? Feel free to contact Cheryl-Ann at 519.672.1930 Ext. 101.

Pastoral Charges & Government Legislation

Pastoral charges operate in the public sphere as community organizations open to the public and as employers. Below are instances where government legislation intersects with congregational life requiring pastoral charges to have policies on:

United Church Manuals & Handbooks

The United Church of Canada website provides tools and resources to assist with:

To find many other useful resources go to and type the topic of interest in the 'Search' box at the top right hand of the page to find exactly the resource needed.

Magazines, Webzines & Newsletters

Check out some of the following magazines, webzines, newsletters and information available from The United Church of Canada's website:

Magazines, Webzines & Newsletters

Check out some of the following magazines, webzines, newsletters and information available from The United Church of Canada's website:

Safety Checklists and Spring Cleaning

Attached is a Safety Checklist provided through The United Church of Canada Protect, the national insurance plan. Print a copy and invite the Property Committee and Board of Trustees to review it. Catch problems before they become liabilities! Warm weather offers the perfect opportunity for a thorough examination of the state of the church, especially with an eye to safety.

Spring Checklist (English)

Spring Checklist (French)

Children & Youth Programming Time!

When Spring is in the Air It’s the perfect time for congregations to start planning summer programs for children and youth. Need ideas? Contact Faith Formation, Youth and Young Adults Minister, Betsy Exley at

Ken Callahan Presentation: June 4 / 5, 2015

London Conference engaged Dr. Kennon Callahan, noted pastor, researcher and professor, as theme speaker at the 91st Annual Meeting and for a special seminar. His seminar was filled with wisdom, encouragement and practical possibilities showing congregations how to make the most of their 'sprinters' and 'marathoners' within their membership to build small, strong, healthy congregations. Find out more about Ken's teachings on his website.

Share his powerful concepts with your congregation leaders by downloading the PowerPoint slide presentation from the June 2015 seminars.