Pastoral Relations

Preparing to Search for a Minister

Preparing the profiles and creating the position description.

Declaring a Vacancy

The Presbytery reviews the request to declare a vacancy and, if approved, forwards it to London Conference to be posted on the Vacancies Page.

Request to Declare a Vacancy Form

Interview Team resources are available through the mandatory training session provided by London Conference. Please contact for more information.

Vacancies in London Conference

London Conference Vacancy Listing

Ministry Personnel in Search of a Call/Appointment

All applications for vacancies in London Conference come to the Conference Office for an eligibility check before being forwarded to the Interview Team. As well as a cover letter and resume, please attach a completed Skills, Gifts and Passions profile.

Guidelines for Completing the Skills, Gifts and Passion Profile

Skills, Gifts and Passion Profile

In order to apply for these positions you must be:

  • Eligible to work as ministry personnel in The United Church of Canada.
  • Have a current Police Records Check. A current check, completed within the last six months, is REQUIRED to be received before applications will be sent to Interview Teams. Please note that a Police Records Check is the RESULTS from a local detachment NOT the application form requesting the check. For clarification, please read The United Church of Canada guidelines.
  • Have completed Boundaries Training.
  • Have completed Racial Justice Training.

If you are lacking these qualifications, please contact to discuss how you may become eligible to serve The United Church of Canada.

Approval of Calls/Appointments

The Settlement Committee of London Conference meets monthly to consider and act on new calls/appointments. The Presbytery representatives to the Settlement Committee will confirm the action of the Settlement Committee with the pastoral charge.

Call/Appointment Form

Completed and signed forms are to be directed to:
        Secretary, Settlement Committee
        London Conference
        P.O. Box 28039
        London, Ontario N6H 5E1

Requesting a Change in Pastoral Relations

A request for a change in pastoral relations is directed to:
        Secretary, Settlement Committee
        London Conference
        P.O. Box 28039
        London, Ontario N6H 5E1

A copy is also to be forwarded to the Presbytery Secretary by the ministry personnel making the request.

Presbytery Secretary links.

Overview of Effective Leadership