Ministry is offering ourselves and our gifts in the service of God’s mission. Ministry belongs to the whole people of God. Some engage in ministry as lay people assisting with the work of the church (see Nominations) and others as paid accountable ministers.

Consider becoming involved with the work of the church through one of the opportunities listed.


Thinking About Ministry

There are many ways to serve in paid accountable ministry.


Mission and Ministry Profiles

Pastoral charges are encouraged to consider the seven profiles that are being used both for Pastoral Relations and Pastoral Care Oversight and to reflect upon how they are currently engaged in these and what goals they might have to grow in them.
The seven profiles are:

  • Discipleship
  • Justice and Outreach
  • Leadership
  • Ministry Partnerships
  • Pastoral Care
  • Stewardship
  • Worship

Mission and Ministry Priorities


Pastoral Relations

Pastoral Relations refers to the forming and care of the relationship between ministry personnel and the ministries they serve. London Conference is engaged in testing Effective Leadership and Healthy Pastoral Relationships.
Pastoral Relations page


Status as a Member of the Order of Ministry

Any ordained or diaconal minister who is not currently in an active ministry position and is not retired (i.e. collecting your pension) needs to submit a Request to be Retained on the Roll annually to the Settlement Committee of London Conference. This would apply for a member of the Order of Ministry who was on a leave of absence, long-term disability, maternity/parental leave, continuing education or in search of a call/appointment.
Retained on the Roll Form


Pastoral Care and Oversight

Presbyteries provide Pastoral Care and Oversight for the ministries within their bounds. The goal is to support and guide these ministries. London Conference has developed resources to:

  1. guide Presbyteries in conducting Pastoral Care and Oversight visits;
    Policies and Procedures and Best Practices
  2. enable Pastoral Charges to assess their compliance with policies required by law and the polity of the United Church and to reflect on Mission and Ministry Profiles and Best Practices;
    Local Ministry Self-Assessment (fillable RTF) or Local Ministry Self-Assessment (readable PDF)
  3. provide a reporting tool.
    Summary Report (fillable RTF) or Summary Report (readable PDF)