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LoCo Engagement Party

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The March 6 Winter LoCo Engagement Party: Sex+Faith gathered parents, youth leaders and Ministers for an exciting first time live-streaming of a workshop with Dr. Kate Ott and Rev. Kenji Marui. We streamed Kate Ott from Connecticut using Google Hangouts at Riverside United Church in London.

Kate and Kenji led us in thinking back to when we were kids and how we were informed about sex and sexuality. Was there a conversation with a parent? Was the parent of the same gender? Were you given a book? Did you learn everything on the playground? Or was nothing said or shared? Thinking back through our own experiences can inform us on how to enhance the discussion for our own children and youth and make it a better experience for all parties.

Kate discussed her new book called 'SEX+FAITH: Talking with your Child from Birth to Adolescence'. The book is a very useful tool for parents and youth leaders that covers topics by age groups as well as common myths and the faith connection to sexuality. Kate spoke about a model for defining sexuality called 'Circles of Sexuality' by Dr. Heather Corrina. The Circles are Sensuality, Intimacy, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Sexual Behaviours and Practices, and Power and Agency. You can find it at this website.

A highlight of the party was the discussion around the old metaphor of sex as 'playing baseball' compared to the new metaphor of sex and 'pizza'. You have to hear this TEDtalk!

The key message was that we NEED to talk about SEX and FAITH with our Children and Youth. "God created us and that includes our sexuality. . . Sexuality is part of who we are and, just like the rest of what God created, it is good. Because it is good we need to understand it and treat it with care." Speaking honestly with our children about our sexuality may be scary for us but it is important to speak the truth so that lines of communication remain open to a trusted source of truthful information.

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