There are two ways to re-write by-laws:

  1. Add the required United Church of Canada clauses and make any necessary amendments to existing conflicting clauses. These are outlined in Appendix B of the Corporations handbook. (with link)
  2. Re-write by-laws entirely, taking advantage of the review by the London Conference consultant, to ensure by-laws follow best practices for that corporation. (link to by-law writer)

When the draft is ready:

  1. Submit the draft by-laws to the London Conference Committee for Incorporated Ministries for review feedback.
  2. Incorporate the recommended feedback into revisions and have the corporation’s lawyer review the draft by-laws.
  3. Present the draft by-laws to the Board of the corporation who pass a motion recommending the by-laws be submitted to the Executive of London Conference (meets the third Wednesday of September, November, February, April and June)
  4. The Executive of London Conference recommends the by-laws to the General Council of The United Church of Canada for administrative approval
  5. When received, that approval is communicated to the Board and the Board presents the by-laws at the next Annual General Meeting of the corporation for acceptance by the membership.