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Does your ministry have a current vacancy in London Conference?

London Conference is interested in connecting qualified ministry personnel with suitable vacancies. All vacancies are posted to the London Conference website and the General Council National Vacancy List. Effective June 30, 2013 expressions of interest by qualified ministry personnel will be received in confidence by the Conference Office and then eligible applications are forwarded to local Interview Teams.

Are you anticipating a change in ministry leadership?

If your pastoral charge has no settled or appointed member of the order of ministry, the Presbytery is responsible for appointing a member of the Presbytery to the pastoral charge as a Pastoral Charge Supervisor. Click on this document to answer many of your questions.

If your ministry is discerning the need for new ministry personnel please consult Handbook: Declaring/Changing Ministry Positions. This will walk you through the process of developing:

Vacancies are still reviewed, approved and declared by the Presbytery before being posted to the Conference vacancy listing.

Interview Team resources are available through the mandatory training session provided by London Conference. Please contact vacancies@londonconference.ca for more information.

Are you seeking a call or appointment to London Conference?

London Conference is interested in building connections between qualified ministry personnel and suitable vacancies. Click here to go to the current vacancies page.

All applications for vacancies in London Conference will now come to the Conference Office for an eligibility check before being forwarded to the indicated Interview Team. As well as a cover letter and resume, please explore the Guidelines for Completing the Skills, Gifts and Passion Profile and fill out the Skills, Gifts and Passion Profile.

Please note that in order to apply for these positions you must be:

  • Eligible to work as ministry personnel in The United Church of Canada.
  • Have a current Police Records Check. A current check, completed within the last six months, is REQUIRED to be received before applications will be sent to Interview Teams. Please note that a Police Records Check is the RESULTS from a local detachment NOT the application form requesting the check. For clarification, please read The United Church of Canada guidelines.
  • Use this form to complete your Annual Declaration in respect to Criminal Charges/Record.
  • Have completed Boundaries Training.
  • Have completed Racial Justice Training.

If you are lacking these qualifications, please contact vacancies@londonconference.ca to discuss how you may become eligible to serve The United Church of Canada.

Where to send Call/Appointment forms/request a Change in Pastoral Relations?

All completed and signed call and appointment forms along with requests for a change in pastoral relations are to be directed to: Secretary, Settlement Committee, London Conference, PO Box 28039, London, Ontario N6H 5E1. Requests for a change in pastoral relations should also be copied to the Secretary of Presbytery. Download Call/Appointment Form:

Need to Request to be Retained on the Roll of Conference?

If you are not in an active ministry position and are not retired then you need to complete the Request to be Retained on the Roll form. This applies, for example, if you are on continuing education, in search of a call or appointment, on a leave of absence, on long-term disability, on maternity/paternity leave, etc. This request must be renewed and approved annually.

Resources for Pastoral Oversight

Please click here to access material for Policies & Procedures mandated regarding Pastoral Oversight, Pastoral Oversight visits and Local Ministry Self-Assessments.